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Fair Housing Workshop set for January 9

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The County of Orange and City of Mission Viejo are inviting residents to the Fair Housing Workshop at 6:30 pm on Thursday, January 9 in the Saddleback Room at the Civic Center.

The workshop will cover the “Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing” process and how it contributes to advancing fair housing opportunities for all county residents. Community members can share their thoughts on existing fair housing barriers and help form housing goals and priorities.

For more information, contact 714-765-4300, ext. 4891 or mgallardo@anaheim.net.


Submitted by ELIZABETH on Thu, 01/02/2020 - 6:55 pm


Seriously? The Fair Housing Administration has 50,000 on the waiting list and has been closed for six years for anyone else to sign up. And you want to have a meeting that does absolutely NOTHING to solve the problem for elderly and low income families who can't even get on the list until it opens again...and no one can tell you when that will happen? These meetings are a complete waste of time for thousands of people in O.C. This is the kind of waste government does...they talk and talk and do absolutely nothing. My 90 year old mother who lives on $700 Social Security pays a $1635 rent each month, will be dead before the list even opens up. A program that should have been available to her. But instead, I see people (who are foreign citizens) who live in her building pay less than $200 a month, walking in with Nordstroms bags strewn on their arms, because they have low income housing vouchers. How is that? The fair housing is not fair. It is an abused system where there is no oversight and loopholes used by those who know how to beat the system. O.C. is not looking out for its own...and legislators and politicians are turning a blind eye to fixing a broken system.

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