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Firework Spectacular set for 9 pm


The Mission Viejo Activities Committee (MVAC) will host a July 4th Fireworks Spectacular show at 9 pm launched from the Marty Russo Youth Athletic Park at 22056 Olympiad Road.

While the annual Street Faire remains canceled and Marty Russo Youth Athletic Park is closed to all spectators, the public can enjoy the Independence Day fireworks display from various locations surrounding the area – including parks and high elevations along Marguerite, Melinda, Alicia, and Olympiad. Limited parking around the park will be available for people to view the show from their vehicles, but residents are urged to find alternate locations to watch the fireworks.

The Street Faire is expected to return next year.

“We are hosting this event because we know it’s been a patriotic staple for countless residents who enjoy it from their homes,” said MVAC President Adi Mitchell.

For more information, visit https://mvactivities.com.


Submitted by Monette Ramer-Amaya on Thu, 07/01/2021 - 10:33 pm


We very much appreciate our city's efforts to treat us to a beautiful fireworks display ....although, we wonder if the City would consider silent fireworks so that our local pets and wildlife do not have to suffer the loud noise. It would be so good to know that our pets are comfortable as we enjoy the evening. That goes for the wildlife , too. Thank you :) The Amaya Family on Via Juanita.

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