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Help City oppose housing bill that will impact our quality of life

veto SB9

Mission Viejo has joined 243 other municipalities and the League of California Cities in urging Governor Gavin Newsom to veto Senate Bill (SB) 9.

The bill is a top-down, one-size-fits-all approach to land use policy that caters to developers, silences communities, and doesn’t even guarantee affordable housing.

SB 9 would require nearly all cities to approve, without condition or discretion, a housing development containing up to four units on a parcel that was otherwise designated for one single-family home. Additionally, this measure would require local governments to approve an urban lot split, thus creating two independent lots that could be sold separately.

This letter details more of the dangers SB 9 will pose to cities including Mission Viejo. That is why the City is asking residents to contact Governor Newsom’s office and urge him to veto SB 9. You can do so by emailing a letter (see sample letter) to leg.unit@gov.ca.gov. He has until October 10 to act.


Submitted by Ron Porter on Thu, 09/16/2021 - 6:31 pm


Please Veto SB 9. This is a poorly thought out bill that will unfairly and inefficiently force cities to, basically, re-zone residential neighborhoods. This will lead to overcrowding, declines in property values, and the alienation of community members who would like to have a voice in the way their neighborhoods should be managed. I spent 30 years as a state employee, working hard to provide for my family and live in a nice neighborhood. This bill would undermine all that I worked for.

Submitted by Shirley Parmeter on Thu, 09/16/2021 - 7:08 pm


I have been alarmed by this since I first heard about it and it seems to have happened without many being informed. It has been passed by the state assembly and senate. It surely is to the benefit of developers. I have brought it up for discussion at all my local activities and most have been unaware. This is not about affordable housing. It could happen next door to you! One of the components is that the existing debts must be paid off. Many might not be in a position to do that but a developer could. Beware!!!

Submitted by Steve Peters on Thu, 09/16/2021 - 10:06 pm


Everyone that has moved here since the beginning appreciated a well planned community. We worked hard to get and now I hope this governor can't destroy it. A big complaint in the city is the growing traffic problems. Now the state wants cities to add to the density. High density adds to more traffic and more cars parked on streets. Plus the other problems associated with dense population. I just don't know why the state gets away with not honoring federal law and cities can't do the same. I say no SB and applaud our city council

Submitted by Ron Low on Fri, 09/17/2021 - 3:01 pm


The housing crisis won't be solved by single-family homes. It's time we took steps to increase the availability of affordable housing, and we won't do that by just building more cookie-cutter suburban neighborhoods everywhere. To address population density, all that's needed is high-quality public transportation. This isn't rocket science. This works pretty much everywhere in Europe.

Submitted by Robert L Knoke on Fri, 09/17/2021 - 8:41 pm


Why California SB 9 Must not pass in our state.
Mission Viejo City Staff,
Dear city of Mission Viejo staff,
Issues to consider regarding this bad poorly written proposed law that affects land use in all of California communities.
1) Parking and traffic problems - where to park your car at night and extra traffic on the morning and evening rush hours on local streets/highways and freeways.
2) Schools would need to build new classrooms and hire more teachers and administration office workers due to having more students in their education system. More police, firefighters and other civil service needed to handle the population increase - more people per square foot.
3) Lack of open space. With more percentage of each city lot having two or more dealing units per lot which means less open space which equates to more global warming. Where will the children play? This puts added pressure on a community's open spaces within the city parks and open spaces. All this lowers our quality of life and in the long run shortens our lives.
4) When you overbuild on our small city lots the whole community suffers due to the lost of open space and a feeling of being pushed together. too close together.
In summary to our Mission Viejo City Staff please fight this SB 9 with all our effort.
Most Sincerely, Robert Knoke

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