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Mission Viejo loves its BINGO!


Let’s make one thing clear – we love our BINGO in Mission Viejo, and the City fully supports recreational activities like BINGO, bridge, ping-pong, and more.

The BINGO program offered at the Norman P. Murray Center is operated by Age Well Senior Services, which also oversees the congregate lunch and home-delivered meals program. The City offers Age Well space at the Murray Center for no cost to provide these programs as a benefit to the community. 

Rewards for BINGO winners have been changed from cash to prizes (i.e. gift cards of equal value).  As an ancillary benefit, the gift cards will help support local businesses that have been impacted by the pandemic. 

The games and programs at the Murray Center are designed to provide residents with an opportunity to have fun, build a stronger community, and perhaps even win great prizes!  The City will share the comments posted via social media with Age Well Senior Services and look forward to many more fun BINGO events together. 

For more information about activities and programs at the Murray Center, visit https://cityofmissionviejo.org/activity-guides.


Submitted by Deborah Davis on Fri, 01/07/2022 - 11:13 am


The bingo director counts all the money paid for cards. Each card is .50. Some seniors buy several cards some people eight cards. The money is then split evenly into 5 or 6games. The winners getting $11 to $14 a game. When they only get a five dollar gift card what are You doing with the extra money?
Shame on you for attacking these older people in our community!!!

Submitted by City Staff on Fri, 01/07/2022 - 12:26 pm


Thank you for your comment on the News page. This and other comments are well-received and we appreciate the feedback to improve the offerings at the Murray Center. We will work with Age Well Senior Services to see if we may provide assistance for improving the program for the future. The program has only operated under these new guidelines for one day and adjustments can be made, so the comments received are valuable input.

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