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See award-winning artwork of Marlene Gerloff at Norman Murray Center


Have you been to the Norman P. Murray Community and Senior Center? It offers a cornucopia of classes, programs and services designed to benefit, educate, entertain and connect residents. It’s also a place where talent can take center stage. Just ask anyone who has seen the fabulous artwork on the Creekside Terrace by acclaimed instructor Marlene Gerloff. 

Originally from Boston, Marlene received a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art. After retiring from a career as a graphic designer and corporate art director, she turned to her love of watercolor painting – and a new career was born. 

Since then, Marlene’s award-winning artwork has been shown in galleries from Alaska to Paris and many places in between. She has been an exhibiting partner at the Cove Gallery in Laguna for more than a decade, and her paintings are featured in many fine collections throughout the world. 

Along with painting and exhibiting, Marlene relishes teaching watercolor and is the proud designer of the Oso Creek trail head mosaic timeline on Marguerite Parkway.

Marlene’s use of rich color, contrasting lights and darks and her skillful technique result in paintings with universal appeal – regardless the subject matter.

See her vivid work at 24932 Veterans Way.  For more information, call 949-470-8440.


Submitted by Dewitt Morgan on Thu, 09/12/2019 - 7:54 pm


Marlene, I remember taking art classes with you at the center, now here you are a worldwide exhibitor. Good for you gal, Dick, and I enjoyed taking classes with you.

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