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Teen Mentoring Program on April 10 will help 8th graders prepare for high school

group of teenagers

The City of Mission Viejo Character Committee on Wednesday, April 10 will host a Teen Mentoring Program to help equip 8th graders for some of the challenges they may face in high school. 

Planned and implemented by the student committee members, this free forum is designed to help 8th graders address some of the social issues they may encounter when entering high school such as bullying, stress, social isolation and time management. 

The event begins at 3:30 pm in the Jacaranda Room at the Norman P. Murray Community Center, 24932 Veterans Way.  For more information, contact City Council Member Trish Kelley at tkelley@cityofmissionviejo.org


Submitted by Carmen Aguilar on Wed, 03/27/2019 - 8:59 am


Wow this is great to help our students/children.
Curious to know if there is something like this
for elementary kids entering Middle school?

Submitted by City Staff on Wed, 03/27/2019 - 11:43 am


This program is not currently offered to kids entering middle school, but we will share that idea with our character committee. The mentoring program for 8th graders is planned and facilitated by high school student members of the Character Committee, and they would probably love the idea of a similar program for the elementary to middle school children. We'll introduce the idea at the next committee meeting. Thanks for your input!

Submitted by Carol D. Lerman on Thu, 03/28/2019 - 9:47 pm


Do you need volunteers to help with this forum? I have been a junior high, high school and college counselor for over 30 years. I would love to participate in this forum.

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