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Three stunning Siberian Huskies available for adoption

3 huskies

If you’re a Siberian husky lover looking for a new furry friend, head to the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center to meet three Siberian huskies available for adoption.  Husky lovers tend to be loyal to this breed, so we’re searching for families willing to make a commitment to the exercise and training needs of these beautiful dogs.

The Siberian husky is one of the most aesthetically stunning breeds in the canine world; however, the dog’s temperament is usually too challenging for novice owners. That’s why we’re seeking folks who have had huskies in the past – or at least experience with large dogs.

Although every dog is different, here are a few common traits for this breed:

Siberian huskies are working dogs. They were bred to haul sleds for miles across grueling terrain. A husky will not be happy confined in your house or yard all day. Siberian huskies need an outlet for their energy. If you adopt a husky, you must commit to at least an hour per day of aerobic exercise like jogging, biking, hiking, romping with other dogs or playing fetch or Frisbee. A walk in the neighborhood is not enough exercise for this high-energy breed.  Huskies that do not receive enough exercise become bored and destructive. They are known to howl, dig, escape the yard, and chew furniture.

Siberian huskies love the company of people and other dogs. They were bred to live and work in packs. If they are properly socialized and introduced, huskies usually enjoy the companionship of other canines.  However, huskies are known to have a high prey drive towards small animals, so most huskies are not trustworthy around felines, rabbits, hamsters and other pocket pets.

Kona, James and Yatzi are typical huskies requiring exercise, training and consistency.  If you fall into the category we’re seeking, stop by the center at 28095 Hillcrest to meet these dogs today.

For more information, call 949-470-3046.

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