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Update on Jeronimo Open Space Coyote-Human Encounter

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Mission Viejo Animal Services is dedicated to serving our community and promoting healthy animal-human interactions. On Saturday, July 25, we shared information about a situation that included two encounters with our local coyote population. While both incidents were minor in nature, we still take such incidents seriously and are currently working with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW). 

The CDFW has authority over all wildlife within in the state of California and is responsible for handling these types of cases. Mission Viejo Animal Services (MVAS) reminds everyone that California is natural coyote habitat, and we must know how to safely and peacefully coexist with wildlife. For information on living coyote wise, visit cmvas.org.

The trail at the Jeronimo Open Space between Pavion and Silleros is currently closed. CDFW plans to authorize the reopening of that portion of the trail on Wednesday, July 29. 

MVAS is expecting updated information from CDFW regarding the status of the department’s activities in response to this incident. Additional updates will follow as information becomes available.


Submitted by Mark D Snider on Tue, 07/28/2020 - 8:09 pm


I walk my dog daily in Casta. I've seen coyotes many times and they have never bothered anyone I talk to. I'd very much like to know what caused these incidents...people too close to the den, rabbid or sick animal?

We need them here, along with the raptors, to keep the rabbits population under control.

Submitted by John Holland on Tue, 07/28/2020 - 9:41 pm


Above "process info" is almost useless. Below informative article from KTLA 5 gives us perspective as to what happened and actions taken:

"A pair of coyote attacks over the weekend prompted Orange County officials to close a popular trail in Mission Viejo. The attacks occurred Saturday morning while the victims were out exercising in the Jeronimo Open Space area. The first victim, a woman, was out jogging when a coyote bit her lower left calf, a spokeswoman told the Associated Press. A time for the first attack was not given. The second victim was on the Oso Creek Trail about 6:30 a.m. when a coyote bit her on the ankle.
Both victims were sent to a local hospital for treatment. The trail is closed pending an investigation by animal control officers and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. It is unclear whether both attacks involved the same coyote."

Submitted by Bill Woolley on Wed, 07/29/2020 - 6:35 am


The CDFW and the City of Mission Viejo are taking the incidents seriously to do what? An animal that approaches and bites a person - unprovoked - needs to be hunted down and eliminated for it will likely do it again. I don't think many residents of MV think that a potentially rabid animal that bites two people is "minor in nature".

Submitted by Marjorie Ackerman on Wed, 07/29/2020 - 9:31 am


How would anyone know WHICH coyote is guilty??? Are you going to announce a war on all COYOTES now??? There was a goid reason for this incident. I would suspect there was a den close by. A rabid animal would not just take a nibble, there would have been more aggressiveness & drooling with obvious signs of neurological dysfunction. Humans are invading their home & not the other way around. WE MUST LEARN HOW TO COEXIST WITH WILDLIFE.

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