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Use your Mission Viejo Library card to explore State parks for free

ca library pass

Explore the great outdoors with your library card. Through a special program, you can use your Mission Viejo Library card to check out a free California State Parks vehicle day-use pass.

The new pass allows free vehicle day-use entry at more than 200 participating State park locations. Each pass grants the day-use entry for a passenger vehicle with up to nine passengers or a motorcycle. You can borrow a pass for up to two weeks and visit locations like Crystal Cove State Park, Doheny State Beach, San Clemente State Beach, and more.   

For more information and to view an interactive map with California’s public libraries and nearby participating state parks, visit CheckOutCAStateParks.com.

The State parks system has provided all California libraries with a limited number of parks passes to lend. These items are in high demand, so place a hold on a parks pass through our library catalog today and start planning your adventure.


Submitted by Joy Cogan on Thu, 04/14/2022 - 11:09 pm


April 15, 2022


The last time I visited your library, it was to obtain a
passport, I think, on June 16, 2020. My vision is failing so I can't be sure of the date. I have had a Library card for many decades, issued in Orange County. Unfortunately, I am unable to locate it. May I apply for a replacement card so that my Caregiver can take me to visit some of the nearby State Parks?
My name is Joy Lee Cogan. Thank you for your help.

Submitted by City Staff on Fri, 04/15/2022 - 10:16 am


Thank you for your comment on the News page. Whether it’s a new card or a replacement, library cards are free to anyone who lives in Orange County. The friendly library staff will be happy to help you get a card and place a hold on a State Parks Pass. Come on by the library at your convenience and you can quickly be set up – it only takes a couple of minutes!

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