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Zoom meeting Jan. 13 regarding State-mandated new Residential Food Scrap Recycling Program

waste management and chamber

Learn more about the new State-mandated Residential Food Scrap Recycling Program during the Mission Viejo Chamber of Commerce’s Community & Legislative Affairs Zoom meeting from 8-9 am on Thursday, January 13. 

The meeting features Waste Management’s Recycling Education and Outreach Manager Victoria Nguyen discussing Senate Bill 1383 and Mission Viejo’s food, waste and recycling programs.  

On January 1, Senate Bill 1383, whose lead author is Ricardo Lara, went into effect requiring residents to begin placing food scraps like fruit and vegetable trimmings, eggshells, pasta, grains, coffee grounds, leftover inedible food, and expired food along with their garden trimmings into the green-lidded container provided by Waste Management of Orange County. The materials are collected on the same day as residents’ trash and recycling containers and transported to a facility for composting. See the FAQs about the Food Scrap Recycling Program at this link

SB 1383 requires residents across California to participate in organics recycling. You can find out more information during the January 13 Zoom meeting. Registration is required and available at this link.  


Submitted by Scott Leighton on Thu, 01/06/2022 - 6:28 pm


The City needs to hold Waste Management accountable for the incompetent roll out of this program. WM has still not delivered green bins and still not picked up the old grey topped bins from my neighborhood and it is now January. They were supposed to do it mid December. Repeated requests to WM customer service are only resulting in promises to pick up that then never happen.

Submitted by Hugh Speed on Fri, 01/07/2022 - 9:43 am


Once again, the State Legislature has not thought this through totally. Here are some things to ponder:
- Because of this new bill our waste collection rates are going up to pay for the new containers.
- To keep the waste collection container clean we will have to use more water to keep it clean - Our Water bill will increase.
- If you don't keep the container clean it will start to smell regardless of where you keep it. Are you really going to place it in your freezer?
- When we dump the organic matter into the dumpster, over time, we can expect it will attract pests - flies, rodents, etc. Will the state reimburse us to get rid of these pests? (I think not!)
These are just a few things to think about. Remember this when it comes time to vote!

Submitted by Christine Fritz on Fri, 01/07/2022 - 1:23 pm


My side of the street green waste was collected a little while ago today. For some unknown reason my green bin was open but still full. Tried calling WM to find out why and complain, but recording stated at least 30 minute wait. Requested a call back. Moved my green trash across the street in hopes it will be collected when that side gets collected. I cannot let this organic waste sit around another week! Why would my house be skipped?

Submitted by Anne on Fri, 01/07/2022 - 2:30 pm


We have yet to receive our green bin (1/7), we do not currently have a green waste bin as we live in a condo. Also on my Waste Management account it is showing that green waste will be picked up on a different day than the trash … above states same day. Someone needs to communicate better between customers, WM, city and state.

Submitted by Diana Campbell on Sun, 01/09/2022 - 11:19 am


Our daughter lives in an apartment building, they do not need to separate their organic waste.
Why is it apartments don't have to comply with SB 1383?

Submitted by Miki on Sun, 01/16/2022 - 12:16 pm


Waste Management and the City of Mission Viejo are stating that food scraps must be placed directly into the green lid container. If there is food residue left in the container, including raw meat, bones and rotten food, it is recommended that the container be rinsed (hosed) out with water onto lawns.

1. This is a waste of precious water that we are supposed to be conserving.
2. The food scraps will accumulate and attract unwanted pests including disease carrying animals.
3. If every resident rinses out their green container, the run-off of rotten food scraps will end up on our streets and our oceans.

Please reconsider the use of biodegradable, 100% compostable bags to line the small bins that have been issued to each household. Using these bags will contain the food waste and eliminate the need to rinse the larger green container and further waste our precious water resources and pollute our environment.

In closing, I am an advocate of composting and helping the environment but if the process is not made practical, residents will not comply and continue to place food scraps in their trash container.

Submitted by Anon on Wed, 01/19/2022 - 8:12 pm


Let me get this straight, we literally have no yard waste three out of four weeks. So, the green waste truck is going to pick our kitchen food waste which will most likely consist of a small amount of uneaten spaghetti or some left over tostadas. Is the green truck that runs on green propane going to sit idling in front of our home waiting for say five to ten minutes until the spaghetti slides down the sides of the green container? Or will the truck driver be shaking the container like some crazy maniac at a funhouse game at the carnival? Or maybe he's he on a timer and after say fifteen minutes of non-sliding action, is the driver going to hop out with a giant spatula and scoop the minimal spoonful's of spaghetti and refried bean waste into the truck? Or does he blow the horn in a distress signal pattern and we have to run out with a giant spoon to provide sliding assistance on the container sides?
Can't wait for the DIY septic tank program next.... now that'll be a hoot!

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