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Animal Services

The Mission Viejo Animal Services Center recently welcomed seven dogs to the shelter through the Mission for Home Rescue program.

The Mission for Home Rescue program involves handpicking pets from overcrowded shelters and bringing them here to make them available for adoption locally. Funded exclusively through the nonprofit Dedicated Animal Welfare Group (DAWG), this program is a win-win for the animals and shelters alike.

Frankie is a total love! This beautiful little 8-year-old Tortie, a stray from Laguna Hills, is now available at the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center.

Did you know bats exist in Orange County? Many folks are unaware that bats are native to this area. Sometimes their first encounter with a bat is when one flies into their home through an open window on a summer evening or their dog or cat brings one in from the yard. 

Here is what you should know:

The Baker family recently expressed its gratitude to the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center for the family’s new adopted dog. Wolfie was a rescue through our “Mission for Home” Rescue Program. He came from a shelter in the Inland Empire where they receive a large number of dogs daily. Wolfie had been at that shelter for more than 30 days without any adoption interest. Luckily for Wolfie, Mission Viejo had the space to give him all the time he needed to be adopted. However, shortly after he arrived, the Bakers fell in love with him. The dog is thriving and enjoys his new family members!

Besides being cute and furry, rabbits have amazing personalities. They can make wonderful companions and bond closely with their owners. Like dogs, rabbits show affection. They have big personalities and love to play. They are guaranteed to make you smile. They bond with their owners, will interact and may follow them around. They can be trained to come when called and jump in their owners’ laps. Using positive reinforcement or treat rewards, your rabbit can be taught to jump through hoops, retrieve items, run a maze – and even use a litter box. They do not require a lot of space.

Are you looking for some bunny to love this winter? Then hop over to the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center and adopt a lovable rabbit for only $20.

The Mission Viejo Animal Services Valentine’s Day bunny adoption promotion is for the entire month of February! With the generous help of Dedicated Animal Welfare Group (DAWG), all bunny adoption fees are only $20 for approved applicants.

Lenny is an active and friendly 2-year-old dog available for adoption at the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center.

He loves to meet new people, has the potential to do well with other dogs and prefers to always have a toy in his mouth.  Since Lenny turns into a pogo stick of excitement when he meets new people, he would benefit from basic obedience training.  Lenny would also thrive in a home without toddlers and where he can get the daily activity he needs to be the loving dog he was born to be.

Leeloo is a young kitty who is still developing her personality but is blooming every day. She is extra affectionate and vocal with her trusted human companions and shows her goofy side from time to time.