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Animal Services

Meet sweet 1-year-old Dalton, the perfect mix between a German Shepherd and Australian Kelpie.  Both breeds are extremely intelligent and loyal. 

Species have and inevitably do move around the globe raising complex questions about what is native or non-native. Frequently, there is confusion over the origination of wildlife —both plants and animals.
Categorizing species is a helpful way to clarify exactly what role any animal has in an ecosystem or in its distribution around our planet. Here are six categorizations used to explain species and their presence in a habitat.

Native species

Along with some exciting changes to our volunteer program, we are launching a new Volunteer of the Month program! We have added a reserved parking sign in the parking lot to honor our volunteer all month long. 

Our very first volunteer of the month is Kindra McMahon, a dog walker and 5-year shelter volunteer! She always has a big smile, positive attitude and is ready for action. We can always count on her at a moment’s notice for extra support, and our resident canines absolutely adore her!  

If there is a canine companion in your life, Responsible Pet Ownership Month encourages you to make a promise to your dog and everyone affected by him. Dogs bring many benefits into our lives and to ensure they remain healthy, happy and safe, we must be diligent about their well-being and those around them.  

Before adopting, consider all the care involved when taking in a forever companion.  Their size, energy, medical care, temperament and many other needs are the owner’s responsibility.

Here are seven things to consider before bringing home a new dog:

Officer Stewart was recently dispatched to a home regarding a trapped hummingbird in a garage. The hummingbird was extremely weak and did not have enough energy to sustain flight. Officer Stewart concocted nectar for the small bird, and started to syringe feed him 5 to 8 times per hour until he could reach a licensed rehabilitator to further care for him.    

Although it may be tempting to put up a red hummingbird feeder to watch these magical birds levitate and zoom through the garden like little feathered drones, these feeders are not always a great idea. 

Did you miss the recent Reptiles and Ice Cream event at the City?  Are you curious about what may be slithering around the local area?

Not to worry, as the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center is here for assistance and stands ready “to help people learn how to identify snakes that are venomous versus a snake that’s not venomous,” according to Manager Michelle Claud-Clemente.  A new MVTV News video on the subject provides tips on how to prepare for potential encounters.

Did you know Aurora Park is home to birds, particularly bluebirds, that live in special nest boxes? On Tuesday, 13-year-old Lara Tseng gave a presentation to the City Council about the nest boxes, which she maintains.

Join us at the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center for a steal of a deal on September 14-15.  

All rabbit adoptions will be $20 which includes the microchip and spay/neuter. Our expert rabbit volunteers will be on site to discuss proper rabbit care and housing.

The first adopter will receive a free gift basket!

Save the date for Sunday, October 13 when the DAWG Walk & Adoption Extravaganza returns to the Village Green at Oso Viejo Community Park.

The Mission Viejo Animal Services Center and Dedicated Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) team up for this fun family event that features animal rescue groups offering various breeds of dogs for adoption; a walk along the Oso Creek Trail with your favorite K-9; Howl-A-Ween pet costume contest; raffle prizes; kid activities; exhibitors with unique pet products and services; and more. 


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