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Animal Services

Even though most people are staying at home, spring has still sprung and there is an abundance of newborn wildlife out and about. This is a friendly reminder to keep your social distancing, even from wildlife. Did you know it is normal for birds to spend their fledgling stage on the ground? It is important to leave them where they are. Removing the bird from the location, even if trying to help, is detrimental to its health. Several times a week during spring, Mission Viejo Animal Services Officers respond to injured wildlife calls.

We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well! These past few days have been surreal! Staff who can work from home are, and the rest of us are working in modified ways to minimize our exposure. We are all still working hard to maintain our commitment to high-quality service and providing all essential services as before this crisis. However, because we’ve modified things, we ask for your patience if you need us.

Through “A Mission for Home Rescue Program,” we transferred an adorable Boston Terrier/Chihuahua-mix from a high-impact shelter in Los Angeles to our shelter.  Oddly enough, this little dog that we named Patrick was dyed green.  We could only imagine why he was dyed green, and no amount of bathing would remove his green tint.  We think this added to his charm and so did a wonderful family from Mission Viejo who decided to take him home.  Here is the update from the family:

We received a call about a baby skunk in Laguna Hills that was stuck under a car and covered in motor oil. Officer Ceballos rescued the baby skunk and cleaned the tiny animal at the shelter. The skunk was kept at the shelter overnight where staff fed it by syringe and kept it on a heating pad until the baby skunk was transferred to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. 

To purchase or renew a license, you must provide proof of your pet's current rabies vaccination. However, in response to the current COVID-19 situation if owners are unable to or are not comfortable with visiting their local veterinarian during this time, you may postpone your pet's rabies vaccination until May 1, 2020 at which time we will assess the need for an extension. However, pet owners must pay the licensing fee by the renewal date in order to avoid late fees. 

Mission Viejo Animal Services Center is committed to providing the best possible service for the five cities it covers during this difficult time. Dedicated staff will continue to care for the animals, and animal services officers will continue to patrol the communities and respond to stray animals and public safety functions.

Stay tuned to this page to see daily updates on what's going on behind the scenes at the center during our closure. 

Are you accepting donations during this time?

At the moment we are currently only accepting items that are on our donation wish list. To see our list, click here

Donations can be dropped off at our main gate Monday-Friday 9 am-4 pm. 

Are you accepting donations during this time?

At the moment we are currently only accepting items that are on our donation wish list. To see our list, click here. 

Donations can be dropped off at our main gate Monday-Friday 9am-4pm. 


Are you adopting out animals at this time?

If you are interested in adopting one of our available pets, please e-mail animalinfo@cityofmissionviejo.org


In an effort to help slow the spread of COVID-19, the City has closed the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center to the public through April 30. Although our doors are closed, we can still help!  We are continuing essential services to the communities the center serves. 

Curly is a small 5-year-old terrier mix with a big personality. Terriers are known to be energetic, cheerful and playful, and Curly possesses all these wonderful qualities.

He gets excited when meeting new people and shows his love for affection by rolling on his back for belly rubs. With lots of pep in his step, Curly enjoys his walks but also loves to snuggle and relax.


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