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Animal Services

Did you know adopting two kittens together has tremendous benefits for you and the kittens? Since the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center always encourages adopters to take home two kittens, Dedicated Animal Welfare Group is sponsoring a kitten BOGO – adopt one kitten for $100 and get the second kitty for free. 

Here are some reasons why two kittens are better than one:

(“The Kitten Lady”)

You won’t find a sweeter dog than Kali. 

With a beautiful shiny coat, 7-year-old Kali is a calm and mellow dog that loves to nap. She can be shy in new environments but warms up quickly. Once she is comfortable, Kali will greet you with gentle kisses while happily accepting pets. This gentle red pit bull dog has soulful eyes, a loving heart and just needs a forever home. 

Senior dogs are often passed over by potential adopters for puppies and younger dogs. However, they are just as loyal and loving as any pup. Love has no age limit.

Michelle grew up in California on state park land where her dad was a ranger.  Her love of nature and animals began early and by age 7, she knew she wanted to work with animals.  She started her formal animal career in 1991 at the Santa Ana Zoo where she worked as program coordinator, zoo keeper, senior zoo keeper and eventually animal curator. Michelle was assigned to care for many animals including large carnivores, but she worked primarily with primates and finds them to be fun, interesting, and challenging.

Last summer, we learned about a street dog in Tijuana, Mexico that died during the birth of her puppies.  Our supervisor received a panicked call in the middle of the night from one of our rescue partners asking for help with the dog’s 12 newborn puppies, which required round-the-clock bottle feeding and care. Without help from American shelters or rescues, these pups would surely not survive. That’s why we were only too happy to work with a local rescue group to ensure the puppies were placed in foster and adopted.

Mountain Lions are the second largest cat in the Americas. They are closely related to the domestic cat even in the way they purr. They live in many different environments such as the swampy areas of Florida, desert areas, mountain ranges, and forests throughout the Americas and Canada. In California, mountain lion habitat covers more than half of the state. Mountain lions are elusive and solitary animals, which by their nature, avoid humans whenever possible.

Dallas is a sweet 6-year-old neutered blue-nose Pit Bull mix that has been at the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center since April. He enjoys the company of other dogs and would do great in a home with an owner experienced with large dogs. Dallas is house-trained and knows some basic commands including sit, lay, down and stay. He is extremely playful and would be a great companion.

If you are interested in adopting Dallas, visit the center at 28095 Hillcrest or contact 949-470-3045.

For more information, visit cmvas.org.

The juvenile mountain lion that was spotted last week around Montanoso and Serenata was captured early Tuesday.

Mission Viejo Animal Services (MVAS) working with California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) had tracked the juvenile lion since last Thursday. The lion, which appeared to be healthy, was confirmed to be young, weighing about 70 pounds. Adults typically weigh 100-120 pounds. CDFW biologists transported the cat to a licensed facility for further evaluation.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) and Mission Viejo Animal Services (MVAS) are searching for a juvenile mountain lion that was spotted Thursday in the area of Montanoso and Serenata.

MVAS and Orange County Sheriff’s Department personnel were on scene to find and track the cat. Working with a biologist from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, a perimeter and trap were set, but the animal was not captured.

Meet Cricket, a sweet 2-year-old Black Labrador mix waiting for her forever home.  It’s a mystery why Cricket hasn’t yet been adopted because she has a great disposition and would make a loyal and loving companion.   

Four puppies have a new “leash” on life and are available for adoption thanks to “A Mission for Home Rescue” program.  

Found in a box with eight siblings in the middle of a Texan desert, the adorable pups had a rough start to life.  A young woman walking her dog discovered the abandoned pups that were barely old enough to survive on their own. Thankfully, she knew of the Ghetto Rescue Foundation and drove two hours to meet with Tami from the organization.   


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