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Animal Services

The Mission Viejo Animal Services Center is seeking donations to help treat two of seven dogs diagnosed with parvo that were rescued from a hoarding situation in Riverside.

Seven dogs – that were among more than 100 small dogs – rescued from a hoarder in Riverside are now at the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center and will soon be available for adoption.

On Thursday, Mission Viejo Animal Services was contacted by the Riverside Animal Shelter Rescue Department pleading for assistance after impounding 113 small dogs from a hoarder. The dogs lived in a two-bedroom townhome and were discovered after a fire started in the home. 

Nine ducklings were rescued this week after falling into a storm drain.

Mission Viejo Animal Services has teamed with PetHub to offer furry four-legged family members a next-generation pet license ID tag.  

The program, which started in January, provides all new dogs and cats licensed with Mission Viejo Animal Services with a smart digital license tag.  

A QR code on the tag with a pet license number links to an optional free online pet profile with 24/7 access to the lost/found pet call center.  

Jake is a sweet and loving 3-year-old cat waiting for his forever home. Jake is a total lap cat – he loves people and his favorite activity is cuddling. 

Jake has had a rough start with bladder stones that required surgery to remove. Since the surgery, he has been recovering well; however, he will need a special diet to prevent more stones in the future.  

The Mission Viejo Animal Services Center's nonprofit DAWG paid for his medical treatments and is sponsoring his adoption fees, so he will go home with an approved adopter for only the $20 microchip fee.

Sophie, a sweet and beautiful 4-year-old German Shepherd, has had a challenging life.

Mission Viejo Animal Services is reminding the community that rabbits need lots of love and care and are not Easter presents for kids.

The mama dog that was rescued from the desert with her puppies after being shot more than 25 times with a BB-gun has found her forever home.

A dog — shot multiple times by a BB-gun — and her puppies were rescued from the desert by Mission Viejo Animal Services (MVAS) and will soon be ready for adoption.

The MVAS team learned about the pups and their mother, which was shot by a BB-gun more than 25 times, while Animal Services Commercial Enforcement Officer Adrian Enriquez was assisting a Laguna Hills resident with a permit. The resident told Officer Enriquez that he “wish he had this type of help at his other property.”

In the spring, ducklings hatch in heavy brush away from a water source. Once they are old enough, mom leads them to water. Unfortunately, there are many obstacles for ducklings and their mothers during this journey.  Ducklings are commonly spotted following closely behind their mother duck in a neat single-file line. The mother serves as both their guide and guardian, imparting crucial skills for survival such as finding food, locating water, and seeking shelter all while offering protection from potential predators.


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