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Animal Services

During the Clear the Shelters event at the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center this Saturday, August 17, an extremely special dog will be available for adoption. 

Ask our staff members to describe 4-year-old Valerie, and chances are they’ll say she’s feisty, independent, stubborn, laid-back and – at times – temperamental.  This is because Valerie is the epitome of a mood swing.  Though she will engage you for pets and snuggle sessions on your lap, Valerie wants to live life on her own terms.  She decides when she is feeling social and when she’s done cuddling.  For being so true to her feelings, Valerie is one of our favorites.  She is quiet, low maintenance and beautiful.  

In honor of National Check your Chip Week, our officers will be checking microchips during our low cost vaccine clinic on Tuesday, August 13 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center. Officers can check the functionality of your pet’s microchip and make sure it’s properly registered.


The Mission Viejo Animal Services Center on Tuesday, August 13 will host its next low-cost pet vaccination clinic for Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Aliso Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita and Laguna Hills residents.

The clinic is from 5:30-7:30 pm at 28095 Hillcrest.

Hiking is a great way to spend time outdoors. However, it’s important to follow the written and unwritten rules of the trail. Proper hiking etiquette helps to instill respect— for other hikers, wildlife and for the stewardship of the land. 

Some rules of the trail/hiking etiquette:

  • Know before you go—research where you want to hike; learn the conditions and rules and regulations.
  • Know your right of way—check signage. Hikers coming uphill have the right of way. Bikes yield to hikers.

Hikers yield to horses. Yield if you have a dog.

Recently, reports of coyote sightings in the local area have become even more frequent, and the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center stands ready to assist residents in dealing with potential encounters.

“Coyotes are extremely smart and they have learned how to thrive living with us,” notes Animal Services Center Manager Michelle Claud-Clemente in a new MVTV News video on the subject.  “Where you might have only seen coyotes in the past in the evenings and at dawn, now you see them all the time.”

Since 1992, the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center has provided thousands of animals in our community with the best care and treatment. We are a pro-humane facility that cares for homeless animals until they can be reunited with their owner or placed in a new, permanent home.

Our dedicated professional staff of 21 is assisted by approximately 160 who help our staff with socializing, grooming, showing animals, cleaning kennels, walking dogs and fostering animals. We are thankful for the immense difference they make in the lives of our homeless animals every day.

Officer Mansoor was recently dispatched to a home in Mission Viejo for a call regarding a lizard that was stuck in a piece of patio furniture

The lizard was safely and painstakingly removed and returned to the backyard without damage to the chair.

Lizards are good companions in our yards and gardens, as they help keep the insect population down by eating them. They also eat spiders.

Just like us, it is important for our pets to stay up-to-date on their vaccines and immunizations. After all, pets are members of our families and they need our help when it comes to wellness.

What does it take to be a gentleman?  A gentleman is confident, not arrogant.  He proves chivalry is not dead. He never judges, always looks good – and knows how to dance. If you’re searching for the perfect gentleman, meet 10-year-old Arthur.


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