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Animal Services

Attention dog lovers! Chris Perondi from Stunt Dog Show Productions joins on March 19th for a fun and informative event celebrating his new book.

A step-by-step guide to more than 100 dog tricks, specially designed for effective training, for pure fun, and even for turning your dog into a YouTube star, from the coauthor of the tremendously successful and much-praised Training the Best Dog Ever and the genius behind The Stunt Dog Show, which performs more than 1,000 shows a year.

First, I’d like to say thank you for such a warm welcome!  It is wonderful to work with such a passionate and talented group of people!

Living with Wildlife.  Part of a regular series from Mission Viejo Animal Services Manager Michelle Claud-Clemente.

We are fortunate in South Orange County to live close to some of the most beautiful open space and natural areas in the world.  Our region is known as a biodiversity hot spot meaning we have some of the richest species diversity on the planet.  This means we are lucky to live near abundant wildlife.  

Get ready to fall head over heels with some special animals at the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center.  

Meet our longest residents Kibble, Maggie, Spike, Piper, Webster and Victoria – all sweet, loving pets ready for their forever homes. Our center’s nonprofit organization – DAWG – is hosting a sweetheart of a deal by paying most of these animals’ adoption fees, so approved applicants will only pay $20 for their new furry valentine. 

Love is in the air!

Get ready to fall head over heels at the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center this Valentine’s Day.  
Meet our longest residents Nacho and Maggie. Since they have been here more than 30 days, DAWG the center’s nonprofit group will pay most of the adoption fees. Approved applicants will only pay $20 for their new furry valentine. 

The center is located at 28095 Hillcrest. For more information, call 949-470-3062 or visit cmvas.org.

Here at the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center we are thankful for the commitment our wonderful, dedicated volunteers make to our homeless animals every day. Recently the following volunteers reached an important milestone in their volunteer service.  

Margie Cushman - Cat Care

Mary Ellen Goese - Cat Care
Ellana Mohajeri - Dog Walker
Patti Morrissette - Dog Walker

Mission Viejo Animal Services Center began a Dog License Canvassing Program in the Rancho Santa Margarita incorporated communities of Trabuco Canyon, including Robinson Ranch and Dove Canyon.  When MVAS took over as the contract Animal Services Agency for Rancho Santa Margarita, the previous agency was unable to provide accurate records of licensed dogs for the geographical area.

Adorable Maltese/terrier mix Webster is a tiny dog, weighing in at only 7 pounds, but what he lacks in size, he more than makes up for in personality!  Although he may take a while to warm up to strangers, he bonds strongly to people he knows.  

Webster, however, is choosy about his canine pals, so he would probably be best as the only dog in the home.   Webster would thrive in a quiet home with a person or family willing to dote on him 24/7.

A bird caught in fishing line was freed this week thanks to a Mission Viejo Animal Services Officer and caring lifeguards at the lake. 

Officer Galeano responded to a call from Lake Mission Viejo lifeguards regarding a bird that appeared to have a broken leg. Once on scene, the officer discovered the bird, an American coot, was having a tough time walking thanks to fishing line wrapped tightly around its leg. With tender care, the officer cut away the fishing line and noticed the coot was OK. It quickly returned to its cover. 


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