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Animal Services

Rabbit adoption promotion

Meet your match at the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center February 15-16 when all rabbit adoptions are only $20 to approved applicants. The promotion includes spay/neuter and microchip. 

Animal Services Center Officer Enriquez responded to a call last week of a possible injured coyote that was spotted a few times behind a residential slope. When the officer arrived, the coyote was still in the area and was seen limping. The resident who made the report said he and his neighbors had been feeding the coyote for a few weeks. Officer Enriquez advised them to stop feeding him because he would keep returning knowing a food source is available. Despite his injury, the coyote was still mobile and able to run away when hazed without a problem.

Four rabbits are available for adoption after the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center helped Orange County Animal Care rescue them from a hoarding situation by transferring bunnies here. 

Thanks to our rescue program, these four precious bunnies are ready to go home and are available to approved adopters for a reduced fee of $20.  Once we find them wonderful homes, we can assist further by taking in more, so drop by to meet and adopt an adorable bunny today!

A little library was recently installed at the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center as part of an Eagle Scout project. The center is launching a new program called Paws & Tale’s Kennel Reading Program. The program is designed to help our shelter dogs become more adoptable. Reading to the dogs helps bring comfort to and reduce the anxiety of shelter pets, and it nurtures empathy in children. As a bonus, new readers gain confidence and improve their reading skills. Participants sit outside of the dog's kennel and read to them. 

Few would argue that nature is good for us. Numerous studies describe the positive effects of nature, open space and the color green on our lives. However, most of us live in cities—urban or suburban areas that historically have been designed with little thought of nature. When we think of cities, we typically focus on the built and social environment — the architecture, infrastructure and social activity of urban human life.

Having a healthy dog means having a canine that is balanced in its emotional and physical needs. Certainly, training and nutrition are key components in a happy, healthy dog. 

Since January is about New Year’s resolutions, it is the perfect time for dog owners and folks contemplating a new furry family member to learn about the importance of obtaining dog training. 

Training and socialization are important for ensuring you have a healthy, happy and well-mannered pet. It helps keep you sane, too, because you know how to teach and reinforce his manners.

Roxy is a beautiful 2-year-old Bull Terrier mix. By breed, Bull Terriers are known to be playful and spirited companions that thrive with affection and exercise.

Tommy, a 3-year-old black pit-bull mix, looks tough but is a total sweetheart.  Tommy adores other dogs and is our star meet-and-greet dog when we want to introduce a new dog to a friend.  On leash, Tommy is extremely responsive and motivated by treats, making him incredibly easy to train.  He is a gentle and sensitive dog who will make a wonderful addition to any family. He is always happy to see a smiling face and ready for any adventure that awaits him.  

Two extremely sweet, special cats are waiting for their forever homes this holiday season.

Both cats are friendly and loving but have special needs.  Ashley May, a 1-year-old domestic kitty, was born without upper eyelids making her vision slightly less than perfect.  She needs a lifetime of over-the-counter artificial tears to keep her eyes lubricated.  However, this does not slow her down. In fact, she is an active, fun and cuddly cat who just needs a calm, stable home.  She will do great once she learns the layout of her new home. 

Giselle Leal-Pelayo, a longtime Volunteer Coordinator, has been named Mission Viejo’s 2019 Employee of the Year.

A 13-year employee of the City, Giselle is known for her outstanding work ethic, dedication and willingness to lend a helping hand.

Giselle plans, oversees and coordinates the robust volunteer program at the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center. She is credited for her hard work, creativity and can-do attitude.


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