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Email: adminservices@cityofmissionviejo.org


Cheryl Dyas, Director of Administrative Services (Finance & Human Resources)
(949) 470-3082

Alfonso Ordaz, Acting Administrative Assistant
(949) 470-3082


Kimberly Lashley, Administrative Services Manager
(949) 470-8415

Julie Smith, Junior Accountant
(949) 470-8417

Jennifer Frye, Junior Accountant (Accounts Payable)
(949) 470-3097

Craig Schoeffler, Accounting Technician (Accounts Receivable)
(949) 470-8406

Budget, Purchasing, Animal Services, Billings & Report Writing:

Susan Knudson, Administrative Services Manager
(949) 470-3096

Tom McCandless, Accounting Information Specialist (Billing/Collections)
(949) 470-8414

Sherry Merrifield, Administrative Services Analyst (Purchasing)
(949) 470-3059

Animal Services Payment Processing:
Linda Phillips, Accounting Clerk
(949) 470-3077

Johanna Auffant-Santos, Accounting Clerk
(949) 470-8481

Treasury, Payroll and Risk Management:

Andrea Pham, Administrative Services Manager
(949) 470-8410

Heather Campbell, Risk Management Administrator
(949) 470-8437

Senka Dorn, Treasury Analyst (Banking Services)
(949) 470-8411

Krista Oberholtzer (Payroll)
(949) 470-8418


MV Life

Keep your finger on the pulse of City of Mission Viejo, CA with the free MV Life mobile app. The City of Mission Viejo has rolled out this special app to provide you with timely information about events, amenities, shopping, dining, and recreation so you can savor the good life in this picturesque South County city. Whether you are seeking family entertainment, cultural arts or activities for the young and young at heart, Mission Viejo has it all.

Download App https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.missionviejo
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