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Master Fee Schedule

In 2019, the City of Mission Viejo undertook a comprehensive review of all City fees. A User Fee Study was performed by Willdan Financial Services to determine the full costs incurred by the City to provide service and support for various activities for which the City charges user fees. The cost is based on the fully burdened hourly rates for personnel directly involved in providing a service.

The Master Fee Schedule represents the Council-adopted fees for Mission Viejo. It is a citywide comprehensive schedule covering most fee and charges across departments for services, permits, licenses, facility rentals, and programs. It is not representative of fees and charges for special events, instructional classes or civil fines. The Master Fee Schedule is provided via the City’s website for the public’s ease of reference. For questions, please contact the appropriate City department directly.

Learn more about the study:

5/28/19 City Council Regular Agenda Report – Comprehensive User Fee Study

Willdan Comprehensive User Fee Study Report

Adopted June 11, 2019 per Resolution 19-13

Master Fee Schedule - effective July 1, 2022

Animal Services - effective October 26, 2021

Building – effective September 1, 2019

City Clerk – effective January 1, 2020

Community Relations – effective January 1, 2020

Library - effective January 1, 2020

Oso Creek Golf Course - effective July 11, 2022

Planning – effective September 1, 2019

Public Works – effective September 1, 2019

Recreation - effective July 1, 2022


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