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Technology Projects

Current Projects

  • Replace Sire Document Management System with Hyland OnBase and convert over 2 million documents to the new system.  Build a workflow for meeting agenda and minutes management.  
  • Design and implement a new network connecting Felipe Tennis Center via fiber to the City’s network.  Implement indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi, video surveillance and other technology needs for staff and members including audio/visual setup in training room, wireless access, and PerfectMind recreation software system access.  
  • Install video surveillance at City facilities.  
  • Conduct a desktop/laptop hardware replacement and upgrade to Windows 10  
  • Develop a fiber strategic plan.  
  • Implement new building access control and security system
  • Upgrade Cisco core switches.
  • Conduct Security Risk Assessment
  • Schedule and conduct a test of the disaster recovery setup at the San Diego Collocation site
  • Review and implement updated social media and website policies and strategy  

Future Projects

  • Continue to expand the City’s fiber network by adding several segments, which provide both redundancy and expanded services to new areas. The additions include:  Casta Del Sol and Marguerite to Alicia and Marguerite. Olympiad and San Marcos to Olympiad and Marguerite. Carlota and Trabuco to Alicia and Trabuco. Marguerite and Los Alisos to Muirlands and Los Alisos.
  • Digitize the paper maps and records of the City’s 30+ miles of fiber network into a geographic information systems (GIS) layer which makes it viewable electronically in a GIS program and available to all City departments.  This new system of documentation will allow for improved record keeping of the fiber network and accessibility to all users in an online manner.  
  • Develop and formalize a plan for “Smart Cities” initiative first by defining what that means to Mission Viejo, by documenting what has already been accomplished and by establishing what the City’s plans are for future smart city initiatives.  
  • Continue to evaluate benefits of migrating City systems to the Cloud and initiate the move where beneficial to the City.
  • Implement several initiatives to continue to maintain the City’s network security.  These include: Conduct bi-annual security assessments by external consultants to report any external or internal risks. Continue to train and test staff on cybersecurity to improve the knowledge and response and to minimize risks of such cybersecurity incidents. Evaluate and implement security systems to address multi-factor authentication (MFA), data loss prevention (DLP), Encryption across the network to further secure City systems.
  • Continue to maintain the City network infrastructure to minimize downtime and to maintain high levels of operation and security.  This will mandate upgrading City systems including hardware and software at both data centers: Upgrade the City’s virtual server infrastructure in Mission Viejo and in the San Diego colocation.  Upgrade the core network switch technology in the Mission Viejo data center.  Upgrade the Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) in the Mission Viejo data center. Perform upgrades to all City software systems so they are maintained with up-to-date versions to minimize any security risks and to provide staff and public the latest available software upgrades.

Completed Projects

  • Develop and implement network and technology resources for Marguerite Aquatics Center
  • Develop Smartphone App for iOS and Android for things to do and experience in Mission Viejo
  • Upgrade Council Chamber and MVTV audio/video systems
  • Implement new recreation management and online booking system
  • Re-design City Website
  • Implement Mobile Device Management System
  • Implement Video Surveillance at Library
  • Implement self-check services for the library
  • Establish network services at Potocki Center
  • Enhance Fiber Network Redundancy
  • Virtualize VoIP System
  • Upgrade the City's Financial Software System
  • Implement Data Domain Backup Solution
  • Implement Google Search for website
  • Upgrade Library's circulation system
  • Update the Information Technology Strategic Plan
  • Implement Public Wi-Fi at Felipe, Sierra, Montanoso and Marguerite recreation centers
  • Implement Vulnerability Management System
  • Upgrade city core network switches
  • Deploy iPads for agenda packet management to Council and Planning and Transportation Commission
  • Conduct PCI Gap analysis
  • Implement citizen relationship management system from Government Outreach
  • Establish disaster preparedness handbook

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