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Technology Projects

Current Projects

  • Conducting technology assessment for an updated Strategic Technology and Smart City Plan. 
  • Develop a new Sports Tourism website.
  • Upgrade bandwidth to City’s golf course.
  • Install Wi-Fi at City’s golf course.
  • Develop website for City’s golf course.
  • Develop and implement upgrades to the City’s website improving search and updating branding.  
  • Review and implement security systems for remote users.
  • Install video surveillance at various City facilities.  
  • Upgrade building access control and security system for two City facilities.
  • Conduct a cybersecurity risk assessment through an external partner.
  • Schedule and conduct a test of the disaster recovery setup at the San Diego Collocation site
  • Conduct cybersecurity training for all technology users.
  • Review and implement updated technology, security, social media and website policies.
  • Upgrade the Library’s SirsiDynix and Envisionware systems to the latest version.
  • Expand the City’s fiber network by adding several new segments, which provide both redundancy and expanded services to new areas. Evaluate citywide fiber solutions from vendors.
  • Continue to evaluate benefits of migrating City systems to the Cloud and initiate the move where beneficial to the City.
  • Continue to maintain the City network infrastructure to minimize downtime and to maintain high levels of operation and security.  
  • Implement replacement storage systems.
  • Repair, install and document various segments of the City’s fiber network.
  • Upgrade the bandwidth and agreements of the City’s leased circuits for internet and other site to site communication.
  • Add redundancy for the Mobile Device Management System in the DR colocation.
  • Upgrade City Hall’s cabling to CAT6a.
  • Upgrade the City’s financial system to current version. 
  • Complete RFP for new Land Management Software Solutions (LMS)
  • Upgrade the City’s virtual environment to the latest version of VMWare

Future Projects

  • Implement a new electronic message board for the corner of La Paz and Marguerite.
  • Evaluate moving the City’s disaster recovery site from a colocation to the Cloud.
  • Evaluate migrating the City’s on-premise VoIP to the Cloud.
  • Evaluate migrating on-premise Microsoft Office and Exchange Email to the Cloud.
  • Upgrade the servers and databases to the latest operating system version. 
  • Evaluate replacement of audio/visual resources at several facilities. 
  • Upgrade the City’s traffic and transportation system controllers and intersection communication.
  • Evaluate the purchase of software to manage digital signature and workflow of contracts and agreement management. 

Completed Projects

  • Implement multi-factor authentication system.
  • Upgrade several Uninterruptable Power Supply units across the City’s network.
  • Implement a new Cisco Wireless Controller system for redundancy and integrate with Cisco ISE.
  • Implement ZenCity for enhanced community relations.
  • Digitize the paper maps and records of the City’s 35+ miles of fiber network into a geographic information systems (GIS) layer which makes it viewable electronically in a GIS program and available to all City departments.  
  • Purchase a replacement storage system.
  • Upgrade the City’s Hyland OnBase for Document Management System. 
  • Upgrade the City’s aerial imagery for the GIS system.
  • Upgrade the MV Life app for the latest Apple and Google operating systems and enhance features.
  • Replacement of all desktop/laptop hardware and upgrade to Windows 10.
  • Replaced City’s Email security system.
  • Added additional wide-format printing resources at Community Center and City Hall buildings.
  • Upgrade Cisco core switches.
  • Replace Sire Document Management System with Hyland OnBase and convert over 2 million documents to the new system.  Build a workflow for meeting agenda and minutes management.  
  • Design and implement a new network connecting Felipe Tennis Center via fiber to the City’s network.  Implement indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi, video surveillance and other technology needs for staff and members including audio/visual setup in training room, wireless access, and PerfectMind recreation software system access.  
  • Develop and implement network and technology resources for Marguerite Aquatics Center.  Colorado Timing System, Scoreboards, Wi-Fi for 2000 attendees, A/V system, fiber and network infrastructure, video surveillance, building entry and alarm systems, and pool utility management system.
  • Develop Smartphone App for iOS and Android for things to do and experience in Mission Viejo
  • Upgrade Council Chamber and MVTV audio/video systems
  • Implement new recreation management and online booking system
  • Re-design City Website
  • Implement Mobile Device Management System
  • Implement Video Surveillance at Library
  • Implement self-check services for the library
  • Establish network services at Potocki Center
  • Enhance Fiber Network Redundancy
  • Virtualize VoIP System
  • Upgrade the City's Financial Software System
  • Implement Data Domain Backup Solution
  • Implement Google Search for website
  • Upgrade Library's circulation system
  • Update the Information Technology Strategic Plan
  • Implement Public Wi-Fi at Felipe, Sierra, Montanoso and Marguerite recreation centers
  • Implement Vulnerability Management System
  • Upgrade city core network switches
  • Deploy iPads for agenda packet management to Council and Planning and Transportation Commission
  • Conduct PCI Gap analysis
  • Implement citizen relationship management system from Government Outreach
  • Establish disaster preparedness handbook

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