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In 2019, the City of Mission Viejo undertook a comprehensive review of all City fees. A User Fee Study was performed by Willdan Financial Services to determine the full costs incurred by the City to provide service and support for various activities for which the City charges user fees. The cost is based on the fully burdened hourly rates for personnel directly involved in providing a service.

The City is seeking applications to fill a vacancy on the Investment Advisory Commission.  

The City of Mission Viejo maintains a listing of all stale-dated accounts payable check that are at least six months old and have not been cashed.  After three years, unclaimed items in excess of $15 must be published once a week, for two consecutive weeks, in a general circulation newspaper.  If a claim is not made within the specified time period, the funds become the property of the City in accordance with California Government Code Sections 50050 - 50056.  Below is a listing of checks that are at least six months old, have never been cashed, a


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