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Emergency Preparedness

Novel Coronavirus

Please visit the OC Health Care Agency's Public Health information page to stay up-to-date on the novel Coronavirus.

September is National Preparedness Month

AlertOC emergency notification system

Don't wait, prepare today

In honor of National Preparedness Month, the City of Mission Viejo is encouraging residents to register for its mass-notification system AlertOC. This targeted notification system will alert you when there is an imminent threat to life safety with required actions including evacuation orders. All landline phone numbers are preregistered in the system.You need to register your address, cell phone for calls and text messages, email address,and TDD/TYY devices. You can register multiple addresses, phone numbers, and emails including your home, work, etc.

Simply register your cell phone for calls and texts, email addresses and TDD/TY devices at AlertOC.com.

Along with registering for AlertOC, please pack emergency and “go” kits to sustain you, your family members and pets for several days without food, water, electricity and other essential items after a disaster.

Don’t wait! Prepare now!

Stop the Bleed 

Residents are invited to take the free “Stop the Bleed” classes Mission Hospital is hosting.

Similar to how the general public learns and performs CPR, this class teaches you proper bleeding-control techniques including how to use your hands, dressings and tourniquets to stop severe bleeding.

The City of Mission Viejo has been working to expand this program through Mission Hospital’s Trauma Center to train, equip and empower school administrators, teachers, staff and community bystanders to stop active and life-threatening bleeding. This effort is the first link in the chain of survival after a traumatic event, and something the City has been practicing since first partnering with Mission Hospital last year to train City employees. More than likely, if there is an incident in our area, the person trained in this program will be the first on the scene. 

Refreshments will be served during the classes and parking validated. See the available dates and times.


ReadyOC is an online-based emergency preparedness campaign that gives you access to step-by-step instructions on how to prepare for disasters. ReadyOC provides real-time information on current county emergencies and how best to respond and recover during these situations. 

Emergency Survival Program (ESP)

Are you prepared to survive a major earthquake, fire, flood or other emergency situation? Follow the ESP calendar each month and take the steps necessary to get prepared.

Take a closer look at each month's focus:

More Info

See Alert Bulletins for upcoming City program schedules.  

If you don't know what to do, you are at greater risk when disaster strikes. The California Office of Emergency Services has assembled tips that can be gathered from their website. To request a copy of the brochure, "10 ways you can be disaster prepared," call 916-845-8400.

Other helpful websites with that can assist you in getting prepared are listed below: 

Contact Us

For questions regarding the information above, please contact CEPA@cityofmissionviejo.org or call 949-470-8433.