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February is Rescue a Rabbit Month

Besides being cute and furry, rabbits have amazing personalities. They can make wonderful companions and bond closely with their owners. Like dogs, rabbits show affection. They have big personalities and love to play. They are guaranteed to make you smile. They bond with their owners, will interact and may follow them around. They can be trained to come when called and jump in their owners’ laps. Using positive reinforcement or treat rewards, your rabbit can be taught to jump through hoops, retrieve items, run a maze – and even use a litter box. They do not require a lot of space. As long they can get a couple hours of exercise a day, they can otherwise be kept in relatively small cages. They are generally clean pets, don’t need walking, are long-lived (mid-teens) and usually healthy.  Rabbits are cute, and petting a rabbit can help reduce stress. 

In fact, you have the chance to adopt a lovable rabbit for only $20 in our special “Find Some Bunny to Love this February” promotion.