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Hi All! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to bring this sweet little creature into my life. We adopted Gumball about two months ago and she has brought me so much joy and laughter through this difficult pandemic time. She is so happy to have a dog friend and is always ready to give me cuddles. She gives and receives so much love. As I keep a very close eye on her, I was able to
Hi there! We adopted "Everly" now "Shiloh" from you last Christmas. She is the love of my life and I could not imagine a day without her. I am so incredibly thankful to everyone at the shelter for looking after her until she could come home to us. We had gone and visited 4 dogs, fell in love each time but each time it did not work out. I had given up hope, I began to feel that we were not
It has been 1 month and 11 days!!! she has truly broken into the house and loves her slinky toys and bell toys she's gotten used to being out of the room after 1 month of being locked in it for her stress. She is happy and eating well everything is healthy with her. She has truly shown her little personality she has. love her so much! cant wait to share more photos and videos for you guys on
Hello! We adopted a black kitten named “Dwight" from the Mission Viejo Shelter in December 2019. We named him Pancho and upon brining him home, he found a new best friend in our cat, Bandito. It took him a few months to warm up to our busy home however, I have to say, now that he’s been here a few months, he is one of the most loving cats we have ever encountered. We love him so much!

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Have you recently adopted one of our shelter animals? If so, please send us some information about your new furry family member. Email us your story and pictures so we can share your happy ending. To the families who have adopted one of our pets, we thank you. Words cannot express our gratitude.


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