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Success Stories

Thank you so much for letting me adopt Nala. She is settling in well. 
I wanted to send you some pics from Coco’s [elote’s] first month with us. She is the sweetest kitten- so affectionate and playful. Our older cat and her play together and just this week started sleeping on the same bed- they are making progress!! Coco doesn’t love our dogs but we are still working on getting them acclimated and letting her approach them at her own pace. She’s started
We adopted Laguna, now Pumpkin, a little over 2 months ago and I wanted to send an update. Pumpkin is doing amazing in our home. She loves to play, watch dad work, and make biscuits on her favorite blanket. We love having Pumpkin!   
Macho Nacho is doing great! This is within 10 minutes of us getting home for the first time with him (and Luigi). He pretty much made himself right at home.  We thought we would have to carry him a little bit on our walks with Luigi, since we walk at least 15-20 minutes, 4 times a day.  Nope!  Macho Nacho walks the whole time.  He likes to get under Luigi's leg while he

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Have you recently adopted one of our shelter animals? If so, please send us some information about your new furry family member. Email us your story and pictures so we can share your happy ending. To the families who have adopted one of our pets, we thank you. Words cannot express our gratitude.


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