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Here's an update on Mooshie's first two days. She has stolen the hearts of everyone here as she did yours. She spent all day yesterday sleeping, only punctuated by tail wagging. I'm sure she's decompressing from the changes in her life. I'm letting her take the lead as to her comfort level and what she wants to explore. She's a bit more adventurous today. Did I tell you that my house backs up to
Kali’s have finished 2 out of 4 meds and also girls are finishing up the boiled chicken and rice I made for Kali earlier in the week. Transitioning away from boiled chicken and rice to adding some of the hard and soft food Gemma eats to completely be on Gemma's food by the time the meds are done. Fingers crossed for Kali. Pic I too just now after morning walk while I’m working out.
Aruba in her new home. 
Dear MVASC staff and DAWG, We wanted to thank you for allowing us to adopt Fievel who we named Finnegan (we call him Finn!) Finn has brought immeasurable joy to our family. Each one of us has a special bond with him and he is getting love from every direction! We have always created a “voice” for our pets and Finn often runs through the house saying “I hit the dang jackpot coming home with

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Have you recently adopted one of our shelter animals? If so, please send us some information about your new furry family member. Email us your story and pictures so we can share your happy ending. To the families who have adopted one of our pets, we thank you. Words cannot express our gratitude.


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