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Hello, We're the proud family members for adopting Patrick, now Kita in our family.  He's such a great dog, now one of our family members and truly a blessing! We're so glad we took a chance on him not know if he was H/B... he's done remarkably well, and so easy going and loving! Thank you all, great staff members in helping us with Kita!  Still a little green, even after a couple
James (now Bowie) was difficult the first few days, but he’s getting better quickly day by day!! We’ve been having so much fun with him and I think he’s starting to settle in to his new home with us!!!! Thanks guys!  
We adopted Ringo as a companion for our dog Harrison.... Ringo is still learning how to be part of a family but he has been a joy....mischievous and loving! Thank you for all you do!! 
Hi, I just wanted to give you guys an update on Cooper (His shelter name was Legend- Siberian Husky mix). What a great dog!!! The first night we wondered what we had gotten ourselves into, he was crazy, hyper and pouncing our little dog and cat. But once the new home excitement wore off and some correction he’s such a great addition to our family!!!He’s the silliest dog with his toys, always has

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Have you recently adopted one of our shelter animals? If so, please send us some information about your new furry family member. Email us your story and pictures so we can share your happy ending. To the families who have adopted one of our pets, we thank you. Words cannot express our gratitude.


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