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Railroad Track Rescue

Three Mission Viejo Animal Services Officers recently responded to a call about a dog on the railroad tracks.  The dog, a small black Chihuahua/Spaniel, was running north on the rails.  The officers cornered him, but he quickly ran underneath a bridge under the tracks for the flood channel.  He was in a small void directly under the rails but above the 8-foot wall down to the flood channel.  Officer Rodriguez crawled on his hands and knees to retrieve the dog while the two other officers blocked the exits.  The dog was nervous and scared but with patience officer Rodriguez was able to get a leash on him. The dog was named “Trax” and is now safe and out of harm’s way at the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center where he is receiving a lot of love and attention. If you are interested in meeting Trax, he is currently available for adoption. The center is open 7 days a week, and volunteers are available to show adoptable animals during regular business hours. For more information, visit our website at cmvas.org. 

Trax Rescue
Trax Rescue
Trax Rescue
Trax Rescue

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