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Rescue Round-Up Jan 2021

The Mission Viejo Animal Services Center rescue program “A Mission for Home” assists not only dogs that need placement but cats, too.  During our deployment to the Butte fire, our team came across a house whose owners had been evacuated and left a litter of kittens behind.  The kittens were scared and confused about being left without human care.  The Butte County shelter released the kittens to our care.  Appropriately named after their origin, Spark, Smolder, Kindling, Ember, Char-lee and Ash-lee were all treated medically and socialized and made available for adoption.  We recently received this wonderful update from Ash-lee’s new owner:

It’s been a great first week with Ash-lee. We renamed her Numa, which means “breath of life” (in Greek it is spelled Pneuma so we went with phonetic).

She is such a snuggly, lovey girl. She loves to be pet and held and flops on her back with her paws stretched way over her head for long belly rub sessions.

She is also super playful... definitely has strong hunter instincts. Her favorite toy is a feather that spins on the end of a rope and pole. She hides and pounces on it, leaping at least her body height in the air to catch it in her paws and trap it under her belly.

I’ve attached a couple photos for you.

From a burning forest to a loving home in Orange County, we are thrilled Numa has found a great home!

Ash Lee