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June 2020

June 30, 2020 Milky Way update, at home photos 

Milky Way
Milky Way 2


June 27, 2020

On March 21st a very nice brown tabby came into the center, quite pregnant, and staff named her Honey.

Honey gave birth to only one kitten, which is not common but it does happen. If you are a Game of Thrones enthusiast you will be ok with the name Edd, born on 4/23, a sweet little black and white boy kitten. 

Then, on 4/29 a single kitten came into the shelter, nearly the exact same age as Edd. Our foster mom, Diane, was more than happy to take that little one too and she worked her magic in convincing Honey she needed to become mom to this orphaned little girl. It took a part of a day to convince her but once she was on board Honey was in, full on mommy mode, and groomed and fed little Pua too.

This worked out great!  Edd and Pua not only both have a nice mom, but they also have each other.  They will be returning to the center soon to be spayed and neutered.

Honey has been up for adoption now for a few weeks, she is beautiful, sweet and only a year old. This super mom sure deserves an awesome family. 



June 26, 2020

Sunset & Leo adopted! Congratulations on your new homes! 


June 25, 2020

Cafe adoption update


My partner and I adopted Café last week and we wanted to let you know that she is the absolute sweetest, most loving girl. We couldn’t be happier. She has loved curling up in our laps for a nap since our first hours at home. She loves her cat tree and her cactus toy, but mostly just loves being around her people. We can’t thank you enough for bringing her into our lives!

Thank you!

Lauren and Galen


June 24, 2020

Vaccine clinic was a huge success! 

Our first drive thru low-cost pet vaccine clinic was a huge success! 151 animals were vaccinated last night and 15 microchips were implanted. Visitors expressed how happy they were with the set up of the clinic and thought it was so much nicer to wait in their car, rather than waiting in an office. Our next scheduled clinic is in August, the date is still pending. 

vaccine DT clinic 3
vaccine DT clinic 2
vaccine DT clinic

June 23, 2020

Marge & Henry adopted!

Congrats to Marge & Henry on finding there new forever homes!!


June 20, 2020

Baby Kestrel Rescue

A resident called the center and stated that he found a small bird that appeared injured on the sidewalk near his home. When the officer arrived, he was unable to locate a nest or parents nearby. The bird was taken to a local rehabilitator where the prognosis is good. They will care for it until they it can be returned to the wild.

Baby Kestrel

June 19, 2020

Taurus adopted! 

Congratulations to this sweet little kitty on her new fur-ever home! 


June 18, 2020

Ask a Animal Services Officer

Our Animal Services Officers will be doing a virtual ride along soon! Let us know what questions you have for the dedicated ASO's that serve our community. 


June 17, 2020

A great day for adoptions!

Omelette, Browie Bite & Harold adopted!!

Brownie Bite


June 16, 2020 

Kittens Virgo & Cafe adopted!

Congrats! On your new fur-ever homes!


June 13, 2020

Cozy Raccoon 

We received a call for a possible injured or sick raccoon in a residents backyard. The homeowner stated that he saw the raccoon in his yard the night before and then again this morning. He was concerned because it “just wouldn’t leave”.

Animal Services Officer Mansoor responded to the call and determined that the Raccoon was very healthy and uninjured but found a cozy place to settle in for the night.

Turns out there was a huge gap between the bottom of the wrought iron fence and the top of the slope, which allows wildlife to freely pass through their yard. 

Cozy Raccoon 2
Cozy Raccoon


For tips on how to keep these little critters out of your yard, tap here.


June 12, 2020

Rizzo Adoption Udate 

Hello to Rizzo's friends at the animal shelter. I hope all of you are well during these interesting times.

Today was Rizzo's birthday. (7 year adoption anniversary.) 7 years ago, he was picked up as a stray by another shelter. His owners were called, but wouldn't come for him. It was a kill shelter and, fortunately, your facility was able to take him from there. He was adopted and returned at least once. It may have been twice. He was in shelters for 2 months. Nobody wanted him. 

I still remember walking past him in the shelter. He came up to the bars and wagged his tail, so I stopped to say hello. He wasn't the dog we were there to look at. But your volunteer saw us pause and asked if we wanted to play with him. He was looking at me and wagging his tail, so how could I say no? I remember sitting in your play area as she explained that he liked stuffed toys. Rizzo brought me one of his toys, sat on my lap, and licked my face and I knew I needed him. I didn't know how much rejection he had faced and just how badly he needed a safe, loving home that would keep him and love him forever. He has so many stuffed toys now. All for him.

Today, he got "birthday" presents from a family that he is an essential part of. We moved out of Orange County last year and now he has a yard for the first time. As you can see, he loves sprawling out in the sunshine. He also likes chasing lizards, bugs, and squirrels out there in the yard. (Don't worry about the lizards and squirrels--he is an awful hunter. We just let him pretend he is a fearsome terrier. He is always very proud of himself.) At 11 and 1/2 years old, he continues to be in perfect health. I don't know if he remembers that nobody wanted him, but I do think he knows he is wanted now and will never be alone again.

I hope his happy face reminds you of the good work you do every day. You help animals like Rizzo and the people who need them.



June 11, 2020

9 Bunnies adopted out!

9 bunnies were adopted out during our "Hop into Summer"  adoption promotion. These bunnies all went to bunny loving homes who will take great care of them! If you are interested in adopting a bunny there are still plenty available. 

Tap here to see our adoptable bunnies


June 10, 2020

Our applications are now available online!

To browse our applications tap here

online applications

June 9 2020, First Responder Promo

A special Animal Services Center promo to thank our First Responders

The Mission Viejo Animal Services Center is proud to acknowledge the hard work of all first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic. As their way of saying thank you, the shelter is offering a “First Responder Tuesdays” promo for all doctors, nurses, firefighters, EMTs, and police officers. 

The promo will waive $100 off the adoption fee for dogs and $50 off the fee for cats and rabbits. Simply check the Animal Services Center's website at www.cmvas.org, find an animal you are interested in and email animalinfo@cityofmissionviejo.org to request an application. 

Once the adoption is approved, you'll have the chance to meet and interact with the animal and will receive the adoption discount upon showing proper ID.

Pets have been proven to reduce stress and lower blood pressure and, as a first responder during this time, a new pet might be just what is needed! 

For more info, call us at 949-470-3045.

FR Promo


June 6, 2020

Drive-Thru Pet Vaccine Clinic Scheduled for June 23 5:30-7:30pm 

We will be hosting a public low cost drive-thru animal vaccination clinic for pet owners in Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Aliso Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita and Laguna Hills. See below image for the clinic map.

To see vaccine prices tap here

Vaccine Clinic Map

June 5, 2020

June is National Adopt a Cat Month

If you're thinking about bringing a furry new family member into your home, National Adopt-a-Cat Month is the perfect the time to do so! Although we remain closed to the public, our cats are still in need of loving homes, and we are still processing adoptions.  

During this time of year, the middle of kitten season, most adopters are drawn to our available kittens, leaving the adult cats to wait weeks or even months to be adopted.  But there are many benefits to adopting an older cat, which tend to be calmer and more loving than the kitten counterparts.  

If you are interested in adopting one of our loving mature cats, email animalinfo@cityofmissionviejo.org to start the application process. 

June Adopt a Cat


June 4, 2020

Mia Adopted!

Congrats on your new home!!



June 3, 2020

Cash Adoption Update

CASH is a very loving, smart and happy privileged 4.5 mo old puppy, who enjoys playing with any of his of toys, kayaking or boating on the weekends, riding in the car, meeting people and other dog friends.  Watching the chickens or baby goats next door captures his attention.

He has brought much love and enjoyment to our family.  

Thank you.


Steve & Aileen R. 

Cash 4
Cash 3
Cash 2
Cash 4


June 2, 2020

Mary Kate & Ashley

We are in search of a loving home for this sister duo.  Mary-Kate and Ashley were found together in the city of Mission Viejo at the end of May. They are clearly very bonded and would thrive in a home where they can play, nap, and grow-up together.  They love to socialize with human friends and give the sweetest meows for attention.  If you have room in your home for these siblings, please call (949)470-3045 for an adoption application.

Mary Kate & Ashley