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March 2020

Mission Viejo Animal Services Center is committed to providing the best possible service for the five cities it covers during this difficult time. Dedicated staff will continue to care for the animals, and animal services officers will continue to patrol the communities and respond to stray animals and public safety functions.

March 30, 2020

Boxer puppies go home! 

In late January, we received a call from one of our rescue partners asking for assistance. They had just received a pregnant purebred boxer from a homeless encampment near the border of Mexico. This beautiful white boxer was about to give birth at at any moment. With the assistance of DAWG, the center welcomed the dog with open arms. One of our amazing foster mom’s took her in and within two days she went into labor without success. Melody, the mother dog was so anemic and weak that she could not deliver on her own. After an emergency C-section, six beautiful boxer mix puppies were born. Unfortunately Melody was so sick she could not nurse the puppies. Our foster stepped in and bottle-fed all six. After Mom Melody recovered she was adopted out to a lovely family. All six boxer pups were successfully raised by our foster which is a miracle in and of itself. All puppies were adopted over the weekend into their forever homes. 


March 28, 2020

Caring for the current residents at the center

March 27, 2020 

Foster Update

The Mission Viejo Animal Services Center volunteers have stepped up and helped with many of the animals that are residents at the shelter during the COVID-19 closure. 10 dogs were placed into foster last week, one of which has found a home with a family friend of the foster, and at least 2 more are going to be adopted by their foster families. The others will stay in foster for as long as the shelter stays closed. These pets are enjoying a lot of attention, and having a great time with families staying home. 

Here is an update about Kona, who is being fostered by the Cody Family:

Kona is a 7 year old Boxer mix. He might just be the best trained dog I have ever met, and I have met a lot of dogs in my day. He will sit, wait, come, walk well on a leash, go to his bed, and even waits to hear you say OK before he eats. Somebody put a bunch of time into training this sweet dog. He's also, even at 7, a goofball. He loves to look down at the park below our home and just watch people and other dogs. He acts like it is his job to save us from potential invaders. He will chase anything in our yard that moves; bunnies, birds, lizards, bugs, anything and sometimes nothing. Yesterday, he held the BBQ hostage with his nose under it, making circles around it and barking a few times. We told him to go into the house, thinking it might be a defenseless bunny. Nope! It was part of a bird's nest, vacated long ago. Kona is doing a great job keeping us busy and snuggling with us. And No, we aren't planning to adopt, but he can stay as long as he needs to.



March 26, 2020

Playtime at Animal Services Center

March 25, 2020

Animal Services Center essential services