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May 2020

May 30, 2020

Skater Skunk 

A visitor at the skate park in Aliso Viejo reported a skunk that was stuck. 

When office Mansoor arrived, he observed the skunk in the deep end of the “pool” at the skate park. The skunk was attempting to walk out but kept sliding down as the sides were too steep and there is a small overhang at the rim of the entire pool.

Our officer had some onlookers and educated them on his rescue plan and got all of them to gather on the end of the pool opposite to where he would place a ramp.

He utilized a ramp from his truck which has a rough surface on it to provide traction. He placed it into the pool and it was a perfect fit. However, the skunk would not go up the ramp. It walked around it and then hid behind it. Officer Mansoor then threw a blanket over the ramp and the skunk walked out of the pool on his own and ran off.

Thank you Officer Mansoor for saving this little guy! 

Skunk 3
Skunk 3

May 28, 2020

Webster the local celebrity duck release 

Weber the local celebrity duck at Rancho Santa Margarita Lake was seen with injuries a couple weeks ago. With the help of SAMLAC (Rancho Santa Margarita Landscape and Recreation Corporation), Mission Viejo Animal Services Officers were able to get a hold of the injured duck in the middle of the lake. Weber was taken to Animal Urgent Care of South Orange County where he was rehabilitated and even fostered until he was fully recovered. He was then reunited with his duck friends at the lake. His friends happily greeted him when he arrived and together they all went for a celebratory swim! 

This happy ending would have not been possible without the generous contribution of Animal Urgent Care, which donated the duck’s medical services including surgery as well as his wonderful foster mom. 

May 27, 2020

Snuggles & Downy Adoption Update 

Snuggles and Downy are so sweet and playfully happy kittens! Our children love petting and playing with them. She is still playful and constantly purring. Thank you taking such good care of them that they are so happy and sweet.

Downy & Snuggles

May 26, 2020

Featured Pet Charlotte


May 22, 2020

Pluto adoption update 

Dear Rockstar Employees/Volunteers, 
This is Erica & Dylan, we adopted Pluto (now named Lynyrd Albert W.) on April 24, 2019 from CMVAS. In light of current conditions we felt it was necessary to share some joy, Lynyrd has been the piece of the puzzle our family was missing. The moment we brought him home, he was very receptive to being a little brother to our cat-son, Eugene. They are now the best of buds who love to sunbathe together on our patio. 
With our family living so close to the beach, we were eager to show him how fun it could be. Lynyrd now loves to run up and down the sand, play in the water, and chase his tennis balls. He has a keen desire to feel all textures that he can explore i.e. sand, grass, stone, & snow. He is our little nature investigator; he is always excited for a new adventure. 
Please see attached highlight reel of our first of many years with our cutie loves, our biggest boy of all time, Lynyrd Albert. 
Thank you! 
Dylan, Erica, Eugene, & Lynyrd 

Lynyrd 3
Lynyrd 2

May 21, 2020 

Meet our featured pet Quincy

May 19, 2020

Donated Items Needed

We are in need of new dog toys, new leashes & collars, dog walk bags and new blankets. If you have items to donate, please drop them at the shelter's front gate (9am-4pm, 7 days a week). Questions? Contact us at 470-3045 or animalinfo@cityofmissionviejo.org. Thank you in advance to our generous community!

donated items needed

May 16, 2020

Margarita & Tangelo adopted!

Margarita & Tangelo went to their forever homes today! 



May 15, 2020

A great day for adoptions!

Today was a great day for adoptions at the center! We are so exited to announce that Blythe, Bobby, Gala and Lime went home today! Congrats!



May 14, 2020

Felix Adoption Update

This is Felix. Felix BLESSED our home and he immediately became a part of our family. He came into our life in a time where we needed his love and affection the most. Felix, without knowing it, gave me a sense of purpose and provided all love in the world. His little heart has so much love to give and I'm super grateful that he was able to grace us with his love. He is a "velcro doggie" and constantly needs to be on or near dad, he takes up the bed and with such a small stature manages to leave very little space on the bed. But in spite of all that, I couldn't imagine my life without my new best friend.

Felix 2

May 13, 2020

3 adoptions today! 

Today was a great day for adoptions! Tony, Chica and Blakely went to their forever homes today! Congratulations!!


May 10, 2020

Lake Rancho Santa Margarita Duck Rescue

Animal Services reminding residents to discard or recycle fishing line after duck’s severe injury

The Mission Viejo Animal Services Center is reminding residents to properly dispose of fishing line after a duck was injured last weekend at the Rancho Santa Margarita Lake.

The center was called by people at the lake who spotted the duck with a large visible wound. When animal services officers arrived and eventually rescued the duck, they determined the wound was caused by fishing line wrapped around the bird, making the injury worse each day. 
Fortunately, the duck was treated by the Animal Urgent Care of South Orange County, which donated the services to successfully treat the bird that will soon return to the lake.  Unfortunately, though, many birds, turtles and marine mammals are injured or killed each year from becoming tangled in fishing line, hooks and tackle that have been improperly disposed of along beaches or thrown from boats into the water. 
Here are some things you can do to make sure animals are not harmed by used fishing lines:

  • Always cut fishing line into pieces less than 6 inches long (preferably 1-inch). Dispose of it, along with hooks and tackle, in appropriate covered containers, so it does not blow away or become a risk to wildlife. 
  • Recycle fishing line. Place all broken or used line in a Monofilament Line Recycling Bin. If no recycling bins are available, place broken or used fishing line that has been cut into pieces in a lidded trash can. 
  • Monofilament fishing line is recyclable.
  • Volunteer your time to clean up fishing line debris at local beaches.
  • Use biodegradable fishing line that does not have an indefinite life span in the environment.
  • Always check gear and terminal tackle. Inspect your gear often to avoid unwanted breaks. Even small amounts of gear in the water can be harmful to wildlife in entangled or ingested.
RSM Lake Duck Rescue 3
RSM Lake Duck Rescue 2
RSM Lake Duck Rescue


May 8, 2020

Canada Goose Rescue

Mission Viejo Animal Services received a call for a goose that had been hit by a car near the lake in Mission Viejo on Tuesday. It was rescued by an Animal Services Officer and transported to Wetlands and Wildlife in Huntington Beach for rehabilitation. The Canada Goose received treatment at the center and was re-released on Thursday.  We are happy to partner with such an amazing rehabilitor. It gives us all great joy when we receive the call from Wetlands to let us know that the animal is completely healed and ready to be released. It’s truly a new lease on life for these animals. 

Canada Goose Release 2
Canada Goose Release

May 7, 2020

Meet our featured pet Canasta 

May 6, 2020

At Home Enrichment Program

During this time of social distancing at home work might keep you busy, but what about our furry family members? They may be used to going to daycare, having playdates, or going to dog parks or other high trafficked areas. But during this community action time of social distancing, we simply can’t take that risk.
How do we help our pups avoid cabin fever when they can’t leave the house for weeks at a time? 

We have come up with some great ideas to keep your pets mentally stimulated, especially when you are trying to get some work done. 

Check out our new "At Home Enrichment" section here  

May 5, 2020

The Mission Viejo Animal Services Pet Pantry is grateful to receive another generous donation from Canyon Tack & Feed, in partnership with Purina. 

Our Pet Pantry volunteers distribute it to local food banks for residents in need. 

It takes many helping, caring hands to ensure that our residents can continue to properly care for their pets. 

Pet Pantry
Pet Pantry

May 2, 2020 

Behind the Scenes Bunny Photo Shoot

May 1, 2020 

Hop into Summer Bunny Adoption Special  

Bunny Adoption Special

For more information, tap here