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December 2020

December 31, 2020

Yucca & Herbie adopted!


December 30, 2020

Featured pet Dash

Meet Dash! He is the goofiest, most active and playful dog currently at Mission Viejo Animal Services. Being an 11-month-old Siberian Husky mix, he enjoys lots of playtime with his toys and loves to go on long walks. He will need a home that is able to take him on those long walks and give him the exercise he needs to get that energy out.  He seems to do well with other dogs and could be a great playmate for another dog in the home. He could benefit from basic training as he has the typical Husky behaviors of being jumpy and mouthy at times. Luckily, he is eager to please and is extremely treat motivated. Dash has been at our shelter for about 2 months now and is looking for a home that is willing to give him the love and attention that he deserves. He would go home microchipped, neutered, and up to date on vaccinations and flea control. Please contact Mission Viejo Animal Services at (949) 470-3045 to give Dash the best start for a brand New Year! 


December 29, 2020

Selma adoption update

Hello - Selma now Meadow is adjusting to her new home - she’s so cute! We had such a great adoption path - great staff all around. The animal tech who helped us through this journey was awesome!!! 

Here’s a photo of Meadow - she loves to watch the birds from our master bedroom. 


December 23, 2020

BOGO: Double the Love with Cookie and Grover

Cookie and Grover are delightful 4-month-old kittens that would make a great addition to any home.  Because they are extremely bonded, these brothers must go home together, but you can get them both for the price of one for double the fun!

More information

December 22, 2020

Yucca & Arizona adopted


December 19, 2020

Tess adoption update

Dear Everyone at the Mission Viejo Shelter,

Thank you to all of you that made my adoption process so lovely! Being in rescue for as long as I have been, I found myself on the opposite end of the adoption process. It was great to have such a nice experience in doing this adoption.

I was originally interested in Bernie, but you took the time to tell me what you had learned about him, which as you know, is not the norm! I was able to determine that he and my current dog wouldn’t be a good match. I then asked if there might be another dog that had the personality traits that I was looking for...and into the conversation came Tess! She was everything you had told me about her :-) I have also said that it would be so much easier if people would let me pick the best match for them, versus them picking! Trust me...I would have never, in a million years, guessed I’d adopt a Lab!!! I’ve met so many and always said I didn’t want one for myself :-)

That being said, so far things are going great! I absolutely love her personality and how she could care less if Daisy growls at her...very NONreactive, which is what I needed!!! Yes, she does LOVE her toys! She does bark loudly when she wants you to throw them, so we’ll work on patience!

After a little ball she was definitely limping and wanting to hold that back let up. I am 99.9% sure it’s her knee and she’ll need surgery, so we’ll do that if need be. She sees the vet on Monday to find out.

What I want to say is thank you. Thank you for taking the time to match adopters and dogs as best you can. Thank you for caring 

Here are some of her photos!

Laura, Daisy, and Daphne AKA Tess

tess 2
Tess 3

December 18, 2020

Spaghetti & Lola adopted

spaghetti goes home
Lola goes home

December 17, 2020

Thanking our partner veterinarians 

At the holiday season, our thoughts turn gratefully to our wonderful veterinarians who provided discounted care for our sick and abandoned animals at the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center. This week the center organized a socially distanced thank you bag drop off full of goodies to thank vet office staff for everything they do for the orphan animals all year long. We could not do the great things we do without them. 

thank you drop off 2
Thank you drop off

December 16, 2020

Compass Real Estate donation

Over the past 2 weeks, Compass Real Estate of Laguna Beach held a donation drive to benefit the homeless animals at the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center. 

Read the full story.

December 15, 2020

Featured pet Char-lee

Char-lee was part of a litter of kittens rescued during the Complex Fire and brought to the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center.

Learn about our featured pet Char-lee.

December 11, 2020

Honeynut & Butternut go home together!

Honeynut and Butternut

December 10, 2020

Misha one year adoption update

Hello shelter staff – I just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Misha (aka Princess Peach) on her one-year anniversary adoption date.  Please let Officer Stewart know she is doing well.  

misha at shelter

December 9, 2020

Kittens Acorn & Pumpkin adopted! 


December 8, 2020

Stefania adoption update

Hi shelter staff-

I just wanted to let you know that Stefania ( we named her Maisy) is doing great!  She had her first vet visit this week. We’ve started letting her out of the spare bedroom to explore the house and get to know our other cat. So far, so good!

Thanks for all the wonderful care you gave her. 
Gayle M.


December 5, 2020

Home for the Pawlidays

The Mission Viejo Animal Services Center and Dedicated Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) are offering discounted adoption fees for all shelter pets this month for the annual Home for the Holidays Adoption promotion. 

More information.

December 4, 2020

Skylar adopted! 

We are so happy to share that Skylar, the sweet and patient mother to the 14 pups rescued from the Complex fire in Butte County has been adopted! She went to a wonderful couple who have a lot of experience with shy, timid dogs and we could not be happier for her!  


December 3, 2020

Tis the season to give back and help DAWG decorate its Holiday tree

The Dedicated Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) provides medical care and helping hands to comfort sick, injured, neglected and frightened animals that come to the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center until they can be reunited with their families or adopted if abandoned.  
With COVID-19 forcing the closure of the shelter to the public, the traditional tree decorating in the adult cattery has been canceled. However, DAWG is offering the public an opportunity to continue supporting the nonprofit with a tax-deductible donation to help decorate a Virtual Holiday Tree in the DAWG House. 
Through this link, you can select virtual lights, decorations and wrapped packages with suggested donations starting at $10. With every donation, you can personalize your gift by adding your picture (or a photo of your furry friend) along with a message. Your creation can be shared via email or social media. It's fun, easy, safe and secure. 
Visit this link to help decorate the DAWG tree and benefit the homeless animals in our community.

Volunteer_Holiday tree

December 2, 2020

All fire pups adopted! 

During our assist to the Butte County Complex Fire, one of our patients was a very pregnant German Shepherd that was found wondering in the fire area. She had minor burns and was in distress. Our volunteer veterinarian, Dr. Farhtash worked to stabilize her and provide her with the needed care during her pregnancy. On September 25, mama began giving birth, she delivered 13 puppies throughout the day. One puppy was delivered and was non responsive. Dr. Farhtash worked valiantly to bring life into the lifeless newborn, he provided mouth to snout CPR for several minutes and eventually the puppy let out a little squeak and quickly began to regain life. 

The puppies were then brought down to the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center where they later re-evaluated by Dr. Farhtash and then sent to foster. After they were old enough to be spayed and neutered they returned to the shelter for surgery and shortly after sent to their forever homes just in time for the Holidays. 


December 1, 2020

Give Raggedy Ann a Forever Home for the Holidays

Raggedy Ann



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