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Geocaching: Parks Make Life Better Style!

Geocaching is an innovative outdoor treasure-hunting game where participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates using GPS-enabled devices (including smart phones) to search for cleverly hidden objects, called caches. This high-tech game is fun for all ages and is great for families, groups of friends and individuals.

Caches are located around the world, mostly outdoors in public spaces, and are placed by other geocachers. Many are hidden in parks and on trails throughout Mission Viejo, including the ones we've identified below in celebration of "Parks Make Life Better" month this July. Join the fun in locating caches, signing the log book, swapping trade items and then placing the cache back in its hiding place for someone else to find. 

Participants in this modern-day scavenger hunt are driven to the sport for a variety of reasons. Some enjoy the challenge and mental stimulation of searching for new caches while others relish the act of hiding the cache containers. Many enjoy being outdoors and walking the trails or visiting the urban spaces where the caches are located. Others enjoy being outdoors and walking the trails or visiting the urban spaces where the caches are located. Others enjoy using technology, software and gadgets in the adventure. Traveling takes on a whole new dimension with the opportunity to seek caches away from home. Best of all, geocaching can take you off the beaten path to places you've never been before. Care should be taken to preserve the environment surrounding the cache. Creating a path to the cache or bushwhacking not only alters the natural environment but could also reveal the cache location to others. Besides, most caches are just off established trails or in fairly easily accessible locations. But don't be fooled, they can be quite cleverly concealed. 

Geocaching can be enjoyed by individuals or small groups. But the idea is to use stealth when finally locating the cache and replacing it. You don't want to ruin the fun for another cacher who may be nearby. Participants of all ages embrace the activity. Even the youngest child in the group will enjoy finding a small toy or trinket in the cache container. But if you take something, you should leave something behind of equal or greater value!

To learn more about this rapidly growing adventure game, visit a geocaching website like www.geocaching.com and look for the "Getting Started" or "Frequently Asked Questions" section. To get you started, we've hidden these caches for you to discover with the hopes of introducing you to this activity and some great places around Mission Viejo. 

GC Codes:

1. GC6HVYF - Paws Off Cache

2. GC6HVZG - 9.85 Mile Bike Ride

3. GC6HVZA - Skate or Hike

4. GC6J0M7 - Smash & Splash

5. GC6HX8Z - Bocce Cache

6. GC6JJB2 - What a PARK!

7. GC6K920 - End of the Line

8. GC6K45R - Them's the Rules (Multi-Cache)

9. GC6MM53 - I Can See My House From Here!

10. GC6MPHP - Mariposa Nesting

11. GC79VPC - My Two Cents

12. GC79X91 - How Do You Measure Up?

13. GC8KXFR - Looking Pale

14. GC8KXGE - A Quarter Way Across the Creek