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Diversity and Inclusion

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The Mission Viejo Diversity + Inclusion Task Force consists of local volunteers who want to promote diversity and inclusion within Mission Viejo.  Participants may also represent schools, non-profit organizations, businesses, religious organizations, and other interest groups.

The goal of the Mission Viejo Diversity + Inclusion Task Force is to bring community members, local government, law enforcement, and stakeholders together to facilitate existing and new efforts to:

  • Ensure Mission Viejo is a community that is safe and welcoming for all residents, workers, and visitors
  • Proactively communicate diversity and inclusion efforts citywide
  • Conduct and promote new and existing community-based programs and activities that foster mutual respect and understanding
  • Continue supporting a healthier, more competitive, more diverse business sector
  • Sustain human and civil rights

The Task Force meets the first Wednesday of the month via Zoom between 12-1 PM.

For more information on how to participate, email diversity@cityofmissionviejo.org



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