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The California Promise Fulfilled: Beautiful Mission Viejo

Color Me Beautiful
There’s a Place Where Everything You Like About California Is Everywhere You Look
The California Promise: Live It in Mission Viejo

What is “the California promise?” You expect, when you come to California, that you’re going to have a certain kind of lifestyle and a certain physical beauty. It’s not available in every place, but it is available in Mission Viejo. And that’s why we call Mission Viejo “the California Promise.” It’s kind of like a promise fulfilled.

--Harvey Stearn, Executive Vice-President, Mission Viejo Company

Mission Viejo is recognized as America’s most successful master-planned community. It evolved from a paper plan to a vibrant city in only 30 years. From 1963 to 1993, Mission Viejo was conceived, designed and built from scratch on 11,000 acres of vacant land out in the middle of nowhere into a world-class community of 90,000 plus.

How did it happen? The key: one owner, one builder. The answer: meticulous, long-range planning and a 30-year commitment to its careful, phased implementation. It is the result of the creative vision, innovative planning, aggressive building, environmentally sensitive landscaping, and imaginative marketing of the Mission Viejo Company.

Putting the beautiful in Mission Viejo took a lot of care and a lot of ingredients that all added up. It was no accident and certainly not the haphazard development of fly-by-night operators who build today and are gone tomorrow after making a quick buck. Through its magnificent master plan, carried out to completion, it stands as the most successful new town ever realized.

The Mission Viejo Company was always in it for the long haul. From start to finish, the Company remained faithful and committed to the original master plan in developing the property. Thanks to the vision and dedication of the Mission Viejo Company, Mission Viejo has a strong foundation and will continue to thrive well into the future.

When it comes to quality of life, Mission Viejo invented it. The whole world changes for the better when you enter Mission Viejo. The lifestyle of California the California Promise is alive and well in Mission Viejo.

--written by Robert Breton, former Mayor of Mission Viejo