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Community Pride: Enhancing the Quality of Life

When You Buy A Home In Mission Viejo, the Town Comes With It
Mission Viejo: Where You’ll Find Everything Under the Sun Built Right Into the Landscape
Mission Viejo: So Nice To Come Home To

Mission Viejo is the home of active lifestyles for all ages. Thanks to the Company, Mission Viejo has world-renowned sports complexes and recreational facilities. The Company aggressively pursued Saddleback College to locate its campus in Mission Viejo, lobbied for Mission Regional Hospital and two medical centers, and eagerly set aside land for the building of schools, the branch library and three fire stations.

The Mission Viejo Company insisted on creating a completely self-contained community, with all the amenities needed to meet the varied needs of its residents. Thus, the slogans: Mission Viejo has something for everyone, There’s a place where everything you like about California is everywhere you look, and Mission Viejo: where you’ll find everything under the sun built right into the landscape. Every facet was tailored to living the California lifestyle.

The Mission Viejo Company planned and built 2 golf courses, 4 recreation centers, 40 improved parks, horse stables and bridle trails, a bowling alley, an indoor skating rink, an off-road bicycle path, hiking trails in wooded nature areas, and the world-famous 124-acre Lake Mission Viejo, which provides opportunities for swimming, sailing, fishing, and picnicking. Mission Viejo became a hotbed of youth team sports, including Little League baseball, AYSO soccer, basketball, football, and softball. And of course, Mission Viejo became synonymous with aquatic sports through its Nadadores program.

Unlike most developers, who fight school districts that are trying to condemn land for schools, the Mission Viejo Company designated neighborhood
schools throughout the community and aggressively went to the school boards, asking them to build quality schools in a cooperative partnership with
the Company. The Company provided land for a county branch library and even created the community’s first museum: the Mission Viejo Cultural
Resources center, which housed displays of fossils and artifacts.

--written by Robert Breton, former Mayor of Mission Viejo


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